Vantat Clash of Clans Wiki


  1. Basic Conduct
  2. Clan Wars
  3. Mistakes to Avoid - New Players
  4. Base Design and growing your Base

Welcome to the Vantat Clans!

A summary of guidelines for Vantat clan behaviour, Clash tips and links.

Basic Conduct

We expect members to be polite and respectful of others at all times.

If you log on to the internet so that you can be an anonymous jerk, then you won't be happy here.

Please move on quietly... your smart parting remark is boring and quickly forgotten.

Give as Much as you Take

We expect that if you want your castle filled, you also should return the favour equally to others in the clan.

Be an Active Player

An active clan is a happy one. However sometimes players stop playing, or play very rarely.

If you need a holiday but want to stay in the clan, talk to the leaders.

Be a Valuable Player

A valuable player is active, donates as much as they get and makes 2 attacks every Clan War.

Troop Requests

At Vantat, we believe all donations are good donations. 

If you have weak troops, donate archers or wizards. If you have strong troops, please accept that you cannot always get equal troops back.

Please be patient with requests, people are not always available to donate

Do NOT request troop levels.  This excludes some people from donating.

Requesting specific troops

Vantat encourages you to specify what you do not want.  Asking for ¨Dark Troops¨ or ¨Dragons¨ excludes many players from donating.

The exception to this is Clan Wars. where specific troops may be needed to attack specific War base.

Please offer to donate troops before you request.  You will most often recieve a polite refusal.

How do I become Elder?

Please be patient. Show us that you can follow the rules and maintain your donation stats... we want you to be elder... really.

How do I become Co-Leader?

The simple answer is - you probably can't. This is a position of extreme trust and is reserved for long time, and mature members.

Co-leaders help run the clan, its not about status to us - so if status is that important to you... you should probably find another clan... or start your own.

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